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Healthy and sustainable food and drink

The main objective of the 10+SANO® brand is to identify healthy and sustainable food and drink, create awareness among consumers, promoting conscious consumption. We define food as healthy, environmentally sustainable and adhering to sound human health practices. It is registered at European level, thus raising its visibility and meaning. The ultimate goal is to ensure transparency regarding ingredients used in food marketed as ‘healthy’ and to provide consumers with vital information to enable them to make informed choices.

Healthy and sustainable food and drink. Beverages you recognize them by the 10+SANO® brand

The importance of the brand lies in the fact that it provides a noticeable and understandable signal to the buyer, which allows him to effortlessly discern the products that meet his needs. This signal is so obvious that it makes it unnecessary to read marketing messages and labels. It is crucial for a person to lead a healthy lifestyle and follow a varied and balanced diet. By choosing SANO-branded products, consumers can ensure that they are making an optimal choice for their own well-being®. Healthy and sustainable food and drink with PIÚINFORMA.

In addition, a comprehensive draft outlines intrinsic factors such as constituents and procedural methodology, as well as external aspects such as being environmentally friendly and the practice of ethical corporate governance that a food product should meet to be label-eligible. In essence, the selection of this label indicates increased consumer awareness of the regulations for nutritious foods needed to promote human well-being and offers a viable response to the many diseases, including obesity, that result from a stationary lifestyle in modern society.

Healthy and sustainable food and drink for the benefit of the community

A social commitment shared with the Association for Social Promotion PIU’INFORMA, to create a positive impact on society as a whole.


It is a clear signal that helps the consumer in choosing fair and sustainable products.


The evaluation is carried out by a group of expert technicians in ingredients and functional food.


10+SANO is governed by an ethical code which defines its social and humanitarian purposes and values.


A strict set of rules and regulations to control and compare technical specifications of products.