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Our history of circular economy applied to food and beverage services

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The circular economy, applied food and beverage, is the driver that gave rise to the sustainable business model with the PIÚINFORMA brand, expression of the values of the Bontorin&Co company, owner of the brand. Where the idea came from: it was 2011 when Claude Bontorin, an expert in the away from home food consumption market for over 35 years, took the field with an ambitious goal: to change and redevelop catering services in a sustainable key in collaboration with a group of professionals specialized in environmental issues and food technology.

What? applying circular economy the sustainable food beverage

Through the use of our formats with the PIÚINFORMA brand or consulting services, it is possible to insert a culture of healthy and sustainable living that passes through our actions, thus creating a positive impact on society, the biosphere and the economy.


PIÚINFORMA is a Business Unit of the company Bontorin&Co which has a background of over 35 years in services related to food consumption outside the home and, more specifically, those of vending machines, canteens, school, and commercial catering. We transform them into impactful elements, values and data that reinforce the corporate identity of companies.

We apply the circular economy in sustainable food beverage

We license the exclusive PIÚINFORMA brand formats dedicated to food with low environmental and social impact to professional operators. Our advisory activities also extend to the catering services already in place if the objectives and action plans. Necessary for their conversion in a #sostenibile key are shared.


In our services are aimed at strengthening the corporate image through tools that make “saying with doing” consistent. An initial screening is the pillar of the first impact report, a basic document for subsequent comparisons. We apply the key principles of the circular economy in food and the resulting information can be used in:

  • Sustainability reports
  • Environmental impact reduction programs.
  • Welfare and human resources activities.
  • Activities of Social Responsibility of the first undertaking.
  • Risk assessment documents (D.V.R.).


Sustainable food beverage

To achieve this, we intervene in the redevelopment of existing or newly designed services. In both cases we offer companies the best machinery and products on the market.


Our “mission” is to “do business by doing good” by applying the circular economy in food. We know that this is feasible given the growing awareness of issues related to the reduction of emissions. But, even though 14 out of 17 healthy and sustainable development goals, as defined in the United Nations 2030 Agenda (SDG), concern food, we do not actually deal with them enough. 

The right to health is constitutionally provided for, as is the protection of the environment as a public interest. To date, all this represents in Italy, not even 3% of food consumption outside the home! That is why courageous choices are needed to change and, by reconfiguring these services it is possible.


The drivers that support our brands are, health, food, and environmental sustainability: nowadays, these two issues increasingly have a social and market trend, which originates from unprecedented environmental emergencies. It passes through the consciences of users to get to influence the activities of companies, the beating heart of our economy.