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An emotion to live…eco-sustainable break area with mains water, for those who intend to create an eco-sustainable and free water break area. PIÚINFORMA’ is the reference point that can be entrusted thanks to Vending Machines that provide both conventional and healthy products with the quality marks  10+SANO® and 10+EQUO®.

Mains water and eco-sustainable break area brand PIÚINFORMA

Most of the ingredients come from organic farming and are therefore completely environmentally friendly. Ethics go hand in hand with health, and ecology becomes synonymous with freshness and naturalness. Even when you indulge in a delicious snack it is worth thinking about the impact that it has on the environment. Our behaviors and virtuous choices become daily habits respectful of the environment around us. Eco-sustainable and free water break area. Distributors in an eco-sustainable break area may contain, among other things, fresh products, i.e. in need of being stored at a temperature between 2 and 10 degrees. The freshness of a food is to be associated with its ability to have a positive impact on the health of those who consume it: the longer a product has a long shelf life, the more likely it is to have undergone treatments aimed at prolonging its preservation. In England, for example, all products with maturities of up to 5/7 days are considered fresh. Among the foods to be consumed strictly in the short term there are, in addition to fresh fruit, nectars and smoothies made 100% with fruit, but also non-pasteurized yogurts. It is these simple devices that highlight the wholesomeness of the products and the real assumption of their properties from our organism. Our Scientific Committee on this point is very rigid in the selection of products. Often the rules “hide” the real performances to the detriment of the consumer who is unaware or uniformed suffers.

PIÚINFORMA is also this eco-sustainable break area

In our eco-sustainable break areas, you cannot miss the eco machines to hot drinks and the main product is coffee. The health area contains an organic and fair trade coffee, accompanied by tea without added sugars, fat-free chocolate and added sugars, vegetable milk and an exclusive cereal and liquorice drink. All these products are ideal for all breaks where you need to recharge your energy to return to work or study with maximum concentration. To be consumed strictly in the cardboard glasses laminated in MaterBi®, which are for us yet another demonstration of how respect for the environment can be well married with well-being and pleasure. Nature is able to give wonderful products that respond to the needs of gluttony and health of men and women of all ages. Organic coffee, for example, denotes a full-bodied and full-bodied mixture. The result of the intensity of a mix of beans from Jamaica, South Africa and India. They’re talking about In each of our eco-sustainable break areas all the structures are modular and personalized, made of triple wave cardboard, virgin, composed of cellulose, corn starch and peas or potato starch, all composed of natural products without the use of adhesives, chemicals or harmful substances (SVHC list). Always with attention to the environmental impact and end of life of our Zero Formaldehyde products, 100% recyclable. Once you have chosen the format that best suits your needs, it will be our staff who will take care of everything, ensuring you continuous assistance and advice. Eco-sustainable and free water break area
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