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Free water pure water for environment

Free-Water & Pure-Water for environment is a brand and an educational program, promoted and managed by the Bontorin&Co company, in line with the latest environmental directives related to the need to protect such a precious asset as water. Combined with a training activity  goes beyond the obvious reduction of the production of plastic bottles or other containers.

There is an urgent need to develop new perceptions of water  and more sustainable management models  for the emergence of a “new water culture”. Whit free water pure water for environment is good!

Free water pure water for environment; a concrete response to this emergency

The solutions where the Free Water-Pure Water brand is present guarantee users the quality of the water supplied. In compliance with the dictates of human health and the environment, to provide greater transparency for the benefit of consumers. Brand granted in use, thanks to its operating specifications, defines the technical characteristics that the supply chain must respect. The brand shares the objectives of A.P.S. PIU’INFORMA. 

A big difference Free water pure water for environment

Challenges lie ahead of us towards resource recovery, reducing pollution, desertification, melting glaciers and disrupted patterns of floods and droughts due to climate change.  The aim of the  combined training program is  to raise awareness and train future  consumers able to make informed choices that meet the needs of today’s generations without compromising the needs of future ones.

Water flows does not travel!Free water pure water for environment 


It is a clear signal that helps the consumer in choosing fair and sustainable products.


The evaluation is carried out by a group of expert technicians in ingredients and functional food.


Free Water-Pure Water is governed by an ethical code which defines its social and humanitarian purposes and values.


A strict set of rules and regulations to control and compare technical specifications of products.