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Setting up eco frieldly vending machines par excellence

Il servizio PIÚINFORMA® è solo per enti ed aziende sostenibili

The installation and set-ups for  PIÚINFORMA ® vending machines are eco-frieldly par excellence. Made with standard and variable configurations according to the needs of customers, also with customized graphics. The choice of the type of machinery and equipment goes beyond the simple energy class, choosing those with the lowest energy and water consumption.

We examine as much as possible how and from what materials they are made and their origin and end of life. The standard format includes the presence of a touch screen hot drink machine with: 10+FAIR® certified organic coffee beans and hot drinks all sugar-free. Yes, 100% sugar free. Raw coffee beans are obtained with cultivation methods and systems above 1,100 meters with the utmost respect for the environment. All hot drinks are sugar-free and synthetic sweeteners. A zero-calorie machine without sacrificing taste and pleasure.

Allestimento distributori automatici eco frieldly per eccellenza

To facilitate the use of your own containers, cup or other, there is a sensor in the dispensing compartment. It automatically detects the presence of the cup, if inserted, blocking the dispensing of the glass. In its absence, the dispenser will provide you with the selected beverage in a single-use, biodegradable and compostable cup according to the EN 13432 standard.

If you have a plastic-free project or reduce the use of plastic packaging, we provide free loan for use of tap water dispensers. The reuse of containers is thus part of good circular economy practices. All according to the rules established in the Ministerial Decree 25/2012 for the protection of consumers. In the PIÚINFORMA® refreshment areas you can drink water at room temperature, cold, sparkling or hot, filtered and purified with advanced technologies. In addition, you save plastic or other packaging and a lot of CO2.

In addition, there is a snack vending machine that includes a health area, dedicated to health products with the 10+SANO® or 10+EQUO® brand. To date, the vending machine set-up covers 90% of the total product offer and by the end of 2023 we will reach 100%. A wide assortment of products, from sweet, savory and fresh 4° as well as drinks without added sugars and synthetic sweeteners. A great deal of space is dedicated to intolerances, which today, alas, are unfortunately on the rise. There is also a wide selection of vegan proposals, i.e., without ingredients of animal origin, designed both for those who have chosen veganism as a philosophy of life. By virtue of an ethical approach, both for those with specific allergies and those who cannot consume milk, eggs and its derivatives. An eco frieldly refreshment service par excellence.

In the setting up of the vending machines, a post-consumer waste differentiator with delivery nozzles and highlighted by colored icons representative of the product could not be missing. This allows users to easily separate them so as to facilitate their management by the companies and consortia in charge.

Allestimento distributori automatici eco frieldly per eccellenza

Machinery, equipment and accessories are all integrated into our cardboard structures. The vending machines are strictly reusable and made of 100% recyclable cardboard. Heavy metal content (lead, cadmium, mercury and chromium) less than 100 ppm, without the use of external applications in plastics or derivatives. In accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 152 of 3 April 2006 and subsequent amendments and additions, which implements Directive 1994/62/EC and subsequent amendments. With certified comparative impact level.

An opportunity to place inside a structure, building, shopping mall, school, university, hospitals and so on. This is how our vending machine set-up an eco-friendly excellence makes the break area sustainable, eco-friendly.

To get it is easy, you just need to request it. One of our representatives will have the task of developing and proposing the best vending equipment for your company.

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PIÚINFORMA® helps you make a difference!

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The identity card of healthy products with low social and environmental impact for the benefit of consumers.

The identity card of healthy products with low social and environmental impact for the benefit of consumers.

It is a company specialized for over 35 years in healthy and sustainable food consumption outside the home.

PIU’INFORMA Association for Social Promotion active in the agri-food supply chain for the benefit of consumers.

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PIÚINFORMA® helps you make a difference!

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