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100% SQUEEZED APPLE… all the good of fresh fruit, without the problem of shelf life.

The problem

We all know that one apple a day takes away the doctor back. But the lack of practicality of managing fresh fruit often represents a barrier that is difficult to overcome for the Vending sector. If transport is no longer a problem (who more or less, all management companies are equipped for the transport of the perishable product), that of reduced shelf life remains a strong deterrent for the positioning of fruit in the D.A. How can you then satisfy the consumer, without running the risk of dealing with unusable stocks?

The solution

“Melaquick” apple juice, in all respects represents a replacement of fresh fruit. With the plus of having a shelf life much more compatible with the times of Vending: 90 days from the date of shipment. But do not think that this derives from the addition of preservatives. It is 100% apple squeezed with the revolutionary method of cold pasteurization (HPP. That does not affect its biochemical and enzymatic composition.

The result is a squeeze that behaves exactly like fresh apple. If left in the air for prolonged times, in fact, it browns.

The difference between apple juice and smoothies

Smoothies and juices lie in the fact that the latter cannot be considered as complementary to a real fruit, because the processing methods used to produce them tend to “distort” the fruit itself, causing vitamins and nutrients to be lost. Another point in its favor is represented by the packaging: a 200 ml bottle absolutely “spiral – friendly” as it is perfectly positioned in the single spiral excluding any jamming problems.

Some more information

Being a fresh – healthy product, the storage temperature is between 3 and 8 degrees, and must be agitated before use precisely by virtue of its entirety: the squeeze is in fact not subjected to any treatment of limiting or flare-up that call into question its natural aromatic, nutritional and functional characteristics. There are different qualities of apples used for the juice, and vary depending on availability: in general, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith (which gives it the acid note), Florina and Elstar or Pink Lady are chosen.

…TRUST me, it’s 10+SANO

To further proof that it is a genuine product, “Melaquick” apple juice has recently obtained the 10+SANO sticker, a European-registered mark to spread and give visibility to food products generically defined as “healthy ” and to production companies operating in respect of human and environmental health.  Thanks to the presence of the sticker on the packaging, the consumer knows that he is faced with a product that is good for his health, thanks to the presence of natural antioxidants: the recognition of the multiple positive characteristics of apple juice is therefore guaranteed also through the glass of the d.a.

Il marchio di qualità 10+sano

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