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Vending machines for a sustainable break

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Can vending machines be the right choice for a sustainable break? At first glance a vending machine may seem an unsustainable and unhealthy solution when we take a break in the office or away from home. In fact, in recent years, the vending sector has made great strides and more and more distributors are offering sustainable and environmentally friendly products. So today taking a break at a vending machine can be the right choice for us and for the environment. Let’s see why.

  • Distributors are increasingly attentive to energy saving

The latest generation distributors allow you to save significant amounts of energy. Despite being active 24 hours a day, they can be set in energy saving mode in the scheduled time slots allowing you to save a large amount of energy that in the case of hot drink dispensers can reach 50%!

  • Sustainable products are increasing

Alongside conventional products, there is more and more space for organic products, zero km and designed for those with problems with allergies or intolerances. But that’s not all! Packaging is also becoming increasingly green, using 100% recyclable materials and reducing excess plastic.

  • Customized products thanks to technology

The new generation vending machines are equipped with digital technology that allow the consumer to choose a personalized product. It is thus possible to compose your own drink at will, choosing between different types of ingredients.

  • Certified Vending

To protect and safeguard the health of the consumer, every vending machine must comply with all the rules on hygiene and food safety, through the HACCP system. In recent years, however, a step forward has been made, with the birth of new certifications in which requirements and quality standards higher than those of the law are required, to guarantee greater quality and safety.

  • Green transport

To reduce the impacts due to the refueling of vending machines, more and more operators are using eco-sustainable vans. We are talking about electric, hybrid, LPG or methane means of transport. The use of map and road software allows you to optimize the routes avoiding traffic and saving time and consumption.

Considering all this, we just have to wish you a good sustainable break, at the vending machines!

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