sustainable catering canteen


Catering and canteen that looks to the past with the values of the present!

sustainable catering canteen

Sustainable catering and canteen, also known as eco-catering, is an innovative approach that aims to reduce negative impacts on the environment and society. This business model focuses on reducing food waste and packaging waste. In addition, it promotes the social and economic well-being of the community in which it is active. Thanks to these sustainable practices, it is possible to run an environmentally friendly restaurant business, which contributes to a higher quality of life for all. Our belief and support for healthy and sustainable living is strong, as we extend a helping hand to people who pursue balanced eating habits and a deep respect for our natural habitat.

Using our sustainable catering and canteen improves the well-being of employees and the overall success of the company.

This particular service plays a significant role in promoting healthy eating habits among consumers. Providing the opportunity for people to consciously make “healthy” and mindful food choices can actually improve the nutritional quality of food.


sustainable catering canteen

For each catering user, from school, corporate and hospital, we have structured dedicated proposals. The service includes a booking software  and control over the   quality of the meals administered and the ingredients necessary for their preparation. This reduces food waste and waste generated. Menus, designed and developed for a healthy and balanced diet;  all served in reusable or biodegradable and compostable containers and accessories.


sustainable catering canteen

Lunch away from home H24. The rhythms of life, places of consumption, eating styles and consumers are not only investing more, but they do so in an increasingly targeted way. With this solution, users will find an important offer of substitute or complementary food to the canteen service. It is the most exclusive and complex service among the various formats.

Sustainable catering canteen your business

It combines products, machinery, logistics and sophisticated software that facilitates easy and automatic management.


A service widely used in communities, transport companies, meetings, ceremonies and individuals. It is a complex of operations of supply and supply of ready food and beverages inextricably linked to banqueting activities; 

Sustainable catering canteen your business

There are various possible variations, from the administration of food with express cooking on the spot to the conveyed. In both cases the monitoring activities are different but the result is the same.

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