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Sustainable vending and catering services

PIÚINFORMA®’s sustainability services are dedicated to vending and catering services. We value the ars  distribute food and beverages  within institutions, public and private companies. We manage sustainable with low socio-economic and environmental impact. With our formats, consumers can make informed choices for their own health, contributing to the reduction of packaging waste, food waste, and garbage.

Our sustainable vending and catering services are measured

Concrete actions aimed at guaranteeing a future for the next generations and a planet on which healthy and sustainable passes through the measurement of the impact of the refreshment areas, first PIÚINFORMA® or of our consulting activities.

sostenibilità servizi di ristorazione


sostenibilità servizi di ristorazione


sostenibilità servizi di ristorazione


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Sustainability applied to vending and catering services

PIÚINFORMA® is a Business Unit of the Bontorin&Co company which has a background of over 35 years in food consumption outside the home. Globally, food (food and beverages) represents 26% of our consumption and, throughout the agri-food chain, has a Co2Eq impact of 35%. Never before have our choices had an impact and contributed to the reduction of carbon emissions.

The PIÚINFORMA® brand gives substance to the sustainability and welfare policies promoted by institutions and companies. Values and advantages for those who want to make a difference.

Climate change is one of the major challenges of our time

PIÚINFORMA® helps you make a difference

An ideal partner for companies committed to reducing their environmental footprint

Whi choose us

We offer a concrete possibility to act differently: don’t wait for the refreshment food services sustainable to change, they won’t, but you can replace them. By choosing us we will take care of everything, only advantages and benefits for your company, collaborators and stakeholders. Because our company specializes in the social and environmental impact of food and drink refreshment services and is aware of the need to redevelop them, even radically if necessary. We design innovative eco-friendly, adaptable and well-integrated refreshment areas in all places and spaces dedicated to study, work and sporting activities. We make our impact calculation methodologies and planning of improvement activities organic.

With our sustainable food services, you will be the real actors of change!

Thanks to our integrated services, you will contribute to the containment of global warming, food waste and rampant obesity especially among the youngest.

That’s why a change is needed and with us you can! 

The information expressed in our impact report of refreshment services is fully part of your social and environmental sustainability programs, which can be integrated into:


Environmental Impact




Discover our sustainability services for vending and catering

Renew your catering services in line with the objectives of improving your sustainability, thanks to our specialized business consultancy. Find out how we can help you transform your restaurant areas with our services dedicated to sustainability in food service! With our services, we define with companies a path of sustainability applied to food and beverage services, aimed at their redevelopment.

We measure sustainability through our vending and catering brand, PIÚINFORMA®

We use the data and information produced by catering services which, appropriately reworked, are the basis on which we build the balance sheet of their impact. In this way, it is possible to reduce its ecological footprint, knowing its value before intervening.

Sustainable vending and catering services,applied to

Magazine on the sustainability of food

With our publications we want to transfer knowledge and inform our users about the activities and effectiveness of our services. Topics related to food find great similarity with the commitments and activities aimed at sustainability, social responsibility, welfare and reduction of one’s environmental footprint.