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The circular economy starts with your choices:
Use our sustainable vending services, food service and water dispensers


For a quick, healthy and environmentally friendly refreshment break. Our vending format is the perfect solution for you. Organic and eco-sustainable products, snacks also for celiacs and intolerant, organic coffee beans, hot and cold drinks without added sugar and much more.
Circular economy applied to vending, catering, mains water dispensers and distributors
All consumer accessories are biodegradable and compostable. A micro-filtered mains water dispenser is always integrated, made free for everyone. For the collection of post-consumer waste there is a special multi-function differentiator.

for your lunch break H24 healthy and tasty  100% waste free


Automatic catering meets the needs of people who have increasingly reduced refreshment breaks or the need to eat a nutritious and genuine dish 24 hours a day. Our system is a complete solution, equipped with: vending machines, microfiltered mains water dispenser, two or more microwave ovens to heat the chosen dish, a post-consumer waste differentiator and a compactor for the collection of PET bottles or cans. At any time of the day you can enjoy as good dishes as homemade ones.

a selected menu rich in nutrients low ecological footprint


We are all tired of the usual company canteens: cold environments and low quality food. Thanks to us, the lunch break is better and more sustainable. We transform the menu, carefully select the ideal raw materials and foods for a balanced diet.
Circular economy applied to vending, catering, mains water dispensers and distributors
Every product and dish on the menu is healthy and nutritious. In addition, the dining areas are furnished with 100% recyclable cardboard materials with modern and customizable design

an exclusive catering service  within everyone's reach  


Everyone would like to have a quick and healthy lunch, but more and more often you do not have time to prepare it. We’ll take care of bringing them directly to the company. We offer a wide choice of nutritious meals that follow a balanced and balanced diet. It’s very simple: you take your plate from the fridge, heat it in the microwave and it’s ready to eat. From a sustainable point of view, we use 100% biodegradable and compostable plates and cutlery.

Healthy and sustainable drinking  Even in the office you can now for you and your guests


The compact version of the automatic refreshment service designed for small companies and professional offices. An ideal solution to enjoy coffee, tea, infusions and still and sparkling water as at the bar. With dispensing on tap or with the help of strictly compostable accessories.
Circular economy applied to vending, catering and mains water dispensers and distributors
An All in One consisting of a coffee machine, micro-filtered mains water dispenser and a differentiator for the collection of post-consumer waste.

Mains water is better and healthier

If you are looking for a practical and ecological solution to have quality water in your office or in your company, we recommend that you choose one of our water dispensers connected to the water network. These devices allow you to enjoy water at room temperature, cold, sparkling or hot, filtered and purified with advanced technologies that eliminate impurities and pathogens. In addition, compared to bottled or bottled water, you help reduce CO2 emissions and plastic consumption. Discover our water dispensers for office and companies and take advantage of our offers!

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