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Expanding values, sustainable brands never go out of style!

Sustainable Brands

The drivers of our sustainable brands are health and food and environmental sustainability: nowadays, these two themes increasingly have a social and market trend, which originates from unprecedented environmental emergencies. It goes through the consciences of users to get to influence the activities of companies, the beating heart of our economy.
Faced with problems such as global warming, food waste, obesity that is spreading even among the youngest, a growing slice of consumers every day requires, in fact, healthy products, which respect their health, but at the same time also take into account health and the environment.

Our brands are naturally sustainable!

Even the average consumer has become more sensitive and demanding towards the issues of health and sustainability but, always remains a man or a woman of the XXI century, accustomed and increasingly immersed in a busy life, in the era of smartphones and apps, which requires practicality and immediacy in every aspect of everyday life. We support the activities of A.P.S. PIU’INFORMA


The brand for food products that are good for your health.


The brand that identifies fair trade raw materials in the        agri-food sector and are good for your health.


our sustainable brands

The brand for machines, equipment and furniture with a low environmental footprint.


10+SHOP is the innovative online shop dedicated to those who take care of their own well-being and the environment around us.


With CAFFÈRIKKO a second new life for coffee grounds. A network that unites various professional and institutional partners in circulating the process of redevelopment of coffee grounds before they become waste


Free-Water & Pure-Water for environment is a brand and an educational program, promoted by the Bontorin&Co company,