sustainable cardboard green arrangements,green

Sustainable cardboard green arrangements

All the sustainable cardboard green arrangements  PIÚINFORMA®, in the various formats, are appreciated for the attention that is reserved for the ecological component, demonstrating that sustainability can go hand in hand with quality. In this way, simple rassemblement of machinery is transformed into elegant refreshment areas. This transmits a real attention to the environment, all coordinated with the existing environments always with the green vision that distinguishes us.

Your sustainable cardboard arrangements we satisfy the green desires of our customers

They are made of 100% recyclable cardboard with triple virgin wave, composed of cellulose, corn starch and peas or potato starch (all with natural products without the use of adhesives, chemicals or harmful substances, SVHC list). Custom graphics, natural colors, totally water-repellent and certified impact index. In our sustainable equipment,  the content of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury and chromium) in this product is less than 100 ppm. The UNI EN 13428, 13430 and 13431 standards are complied with on minimizing the use of resources in the design and on the recovery / recycling of the packaging themselves. 

The product is 100% recyclable and plastic free.

sostenibilità servizi di ristorazione


sostenibilità servizi di ristorazione


sostenibilità servizi di ristorazione


Sustainable cardboard green arrangements with impact level

The fittings and furniture of the PIÚINFORMA® brand  are custom-designed according to your needs! In harmony with the spaces where they are sustainable setup furniture and food In combination with solutions and machinery of the latest generation, as well as a wide choice of quality products, for the maximum satisfaction of our customers. Once you have chosen the format that best suits your needs, our staff will take care of all its activation phases, ensuring continuous assistance and advice. 

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