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Water flows naturally sustainable

Water dispensers

Water is a fundamental element for our well-being and our health and it is for this reason that it is important to choose the best one. Our proposal of water dispensers for the office provides a real alternative to the consumption of water packaged in P.E.T. or other materials. This makes an important contribution to reducing the environmental impact caused by plastic and other disposable containers. 

All this is possible thanks to the use of network water suitably micro-filtered and ultra-filtered through an exclusive system that makes it pure as if it were a spring. Natural water, zero harmful substances. Mains water is running water, because it flows and is alive. A choice of responsibility and convenience.

We have selected the best water dispensers for office and companies

The consumer will have the opportunity to use mains water in an innovative and hygienic way  . The use of the dispenser or water dispensers for the office or in the company, will guarantee a substantial saving of CO2 released into the atmosphere – for each individual supply – compared to the purchase of water packaged in P.E.T. or other materials. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of using the practical 0.5 lt steel double chamber bottles, the user can reuse the same container several times. All this translates into an extremely ecological service and much more convenient than the traditional purchase of water packaged in P.E.T. or other materials.

For all those who prefer consumption through the use of glasses, they are always supplied in compostable material and transparent with P.L.A. bioplastic; they are strictly made with raw materials from renewable sources.

Make the right choice: help the planet! buy water dispensers for the office or in the company

In addition, it offers many advantages:

  • It is tastier: it has not taken the plastic taste of the bottles when they stop in the sun, it does not smell of chlorine that is sometimes introduced into the network.
  • Water is healthier, free from pollutants and unwanted substances, and is more alive! Mineral salts, precious allies of our health, are not filtered.
  • It undergoes much more frequent and stricter controls than bottled water and its drinking water parameters are more restrictive.
  • Less CO2: it is more environmentally friendly and eco-efficient and is not transported.
  • It is as you want: at room temperature or cool, you have the possibility to calibrate the temperature at will.
  • It’s more practical: just press a button and you will always have pure water available as at the source. It also avoids the annoying bulk due to the storage of water tanks.
  • Less waste: you no longer have to throw plastic in the bin every time you drink! and the environment thanks you.

Mains water, suitably ultrafiltered thanks to the help of our dispensers for offices and companies, is a concrete alternative to water packaged in P.E.T. or other materials, excellent for your health and respectful of the environment. PIÚINFORMA water is solutions.

Water flows does not travel!

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