Food sustainability magazine

Food Sustainability Magazine

The sustainability of our food is connected to knowledge and proper information.

Food sustainability magazine

A magazine aimed at formation and communication on food sustainability: stay up to date on industry news, read our articles! Great emphasis on the activities and information of our magazine are aimed at the well-being of people while respecting the environment. APS PIU’INFORMA 

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Information is the key to understanding the importance of eating consciously!

Our magazine is dedicated to promoting food and informing readers about industry news. We prioritize the wellbeing of people and the environment in all our content. Stay up to date and discover the latest developments in the food sustainability sector by reading our publication. Get the latest scoops on the food industry by reading our magazine that focuses on communication on this topic. 

Food sustainability magazine

Our articles and activities prioritize both the wellbeing of people and the protection of the environment. Understanding the intricate food supply chain is critical to making informed decisions that will have a lasting impact. We must all commit ourselves and, above all, by changing our way of life.