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PIÚINFORMA® service only sustainable organizations and company

sostenibilità nei servizi di ristorazione

PIÚINFORMA® is only for sustainable entities and companies and applies to catering and food and beverage distribution. Services that are often already present within them where corporate responsibility and sustainability paths are active. In detail, related to the choices of corporate identity with reference to the issues of protection of people and the environment. By applying our eco-sustainable format, in addition to the following advantages, companies or public administrations improve themselves by demonstrating real and concrete attention to their employees, customers and stakeholders.

Among the most obvious are the goals defined by the UN in the well-known 2030 Agenda. But let’s take a closer look at how food services fit into the goals: The 2030 Agenda is a global action plan adopted by the United Nations in 2015 to address the economic, social and environmental challenges of our time. The agenda consists of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 goals to be achieved by 2030. Food is a fundamental human right, but also a precious resource that must be managed responsibly. As many as 13 out of 17 are connected to the food supply chain and its consequential consequences. Vending and catering operators are not exempt from their liability.

The sustainable PIÚINFORMA break area. PIÚINFORMA® only sustainable organizations and company

Contribution to the reduction of C02 emissions with availability and data processing for events, publication on the company’s offline and online communication channels. Improvement of corporate welfare, a fundamental objective set out in the points of the Sustainable Developments Goals and a new circular economy goal. Review of the products and services offered and their monitoring. Provision of concrete evidence of sustainability results to customers, employees and collaborators with related company reports. Offer of products for everyone without discrimination towards the different ethical-cultural food choices and/or due to intolerances.

A choice and best practice that promotes and strengthens the corporate identity in the field of sustainability without falling into greenwashing that is detrimental to corporate credibility.

PIÚINFORMA® only sustainable organizations and company

Possibility of combining sustainable corporate choices with sustainable workshops (internal or external). Ability to create from the same internal company waste (paper, plastic, fabrics and a collection of corporate and/or customized furniture where, in line with circular economy principles, the waste becomes raw material and the object of effective communication and marketing.

Contribute to the agricultural development of the territory. Drastically reduce youth obesity (especially in schools and public institutions) or overweight for all.

Discard or replace plastic where possible. The possibilities are different and united by the possibility of combining the company’s sensitivity to the protection of people’s health and the environment.

PIÚINFORMA® only sustainable organizations and company

With PIÚINFORMA®’s innovation for sustainable companies, creativity turns objects, what is now called waste, into fundamental objects for the corporate image. With the execution of our format, we guarantee an annual complete report on the reduction of impact as required by the Climate Change Potential and Earth Overshoot day. Our vending machine model is an excellence and expression of sustainability on the market. More than 90% of the offer is made up of healthy products with low environmental impact and compostable accessories. Given the great competition in the field of sustainable marketing – it is always these details that make the big difference and allow the company to maintain its credibility in these choices in the face of contemporary global economic change.

To support our activities and always be updated, give your contribution to the PIU’INFORMA Social Promotion Association!

PIÚINFORMA® helps you make a difference!

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The identity card of healthy products with low social and environmental impact for the benefit of consumers.

The identity card of healthy products with low social and environmental impact for the benefit of consumers.

It is a company specialized for over 35 years in healthy and sustainable food consumption outside the home.

PIU’INFORMA Association for Social Promotion active in the agri-food supply chain for the benefit of consumers.

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PIÚINFORMA® helps you make a difference!

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