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The Ecosistemi Foundation accredits catering services PIÚINFORMA® for sustainable events

catering vending sustainable events. ristorazione evento sostenibili

The catering and vending sustainable events services managed by PIÚINFORMA® have been accredited by the Ecosistemi Foundation. An organization that has been dealing with sustainability and circular economy for years. He created the “WE GREEN” catalogue, a project funded by the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security. As part of the initiatives to support the implementation of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development (SNSvS3).

We Green, at catalogue to create catering services PIÚINFORMA® for sustainable events

The recent approval of the Minimum Environmental Criteria in the field of events – cultural, sports, trade fairs – is engaging the organizers in the realization of events with “low environmental impact”. The organization of events with these characteristics requires the presence of a “green market” in different sectors. Such as: fittings, furnishings, audio, video and lighting systems, electronics, printing and its digitization, mobility, catering and catering. In this context, the We Green Catalogue is inserted, a tool entirely dedicated to sustainability-oriented companies that create green products to support events and PIÚINFORMA® there.

catering vending sustainable events

Catering services PIÚINFORMA® and vending for sustainable events.

Ecosistemi Foundation is an organization specialized in strategies, programs, actions and tools for sustainable development, leader in GPP and green purchasing Ecosistemi, since 1998, works in a pioneering way to concretely transform the actions of its partners in the direction of environmental and social sustainability.

The mission of the foundation is to improve the environmental and social quality of the economy and the territory with good practices, actions and solutions for sustainable development; to create shared value by placing sustainability and responsibility at the center of action. Perfectly in line with that of PIÚINFORMA.® Circular economy applied in its pure state

The National Strategy for Sustainable Development is the first step to decline at national level the principles and objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted in 2015 at the United Nations The National Strategy is based on four guiding principles: integration, universality, transformation and inclusion

Catering services, from catering to vending increasingly sustainable with PIÚINFORMA®

The “WE GREEN” catalogue presents products and companies that are committed to promoting change with their environmental and social quality in the events sector. This sector is now subject to minimum environmental criteria (C.A.M.) mandatory in tenders, which establish sustainability requirements for the supply of goods and services. The 10+SANO® and 10+EQUO®branded products meet the above criteria perfectly.

sustainable vending and catering. Catering services PIÚINFORMA® for sustainable events

The aim of the catalogue is to disseminate good practices in the events sector, facilitating the meeting between supply and demand, both public and private. In this way, we want to contribute to the ecological transition and the reduction of environmental and social impacts.

The catalogue was presented at the XVII edition of the Forum Compraverde, which was held in Rome on 17 and 18/05/2023. The Forum is an event dedicated to Green Public Procurement (GPP) and green purchasing, involving institutions, companies and third sector organizations.

If you are interested in receiving the “WE GREEN” catalog, simply request it on the webs site.

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The identity card of healthy products with low social and environmental impact for the benefit of consumers.

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