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Sustainable Vending and office break

Our sustainable vending and office break dedicated  to vending machines promotes social and business progress, creating refreshment areas that allow you to adopt healthy lifestyles and conscious choices. To support our initiatives, we provide valuable information to our consumers about the impact of the products they buy on both their health and the environment.

In our Sustainable vending and office break are always present:

– a wide range of products of which over 85% are healthy and  sustainable
– machinery and equipment with low energy consumption
– mains water dispensers or distributors in each refreshment area
– systems for the separation of post-consumer waste
– furnishing of the distribution area with cardboard structures with personalized graphics
– the Obiettivo100 program is active and Reporting

Area break PIÙINFORMA, excellence in sustainable vending.  Our service is designed to provide a complete overview of products, machinery, and solutions in harmony with the spaces dedicated to it.

Sustainable Vending and Office Break is for you 

Sustainable vending break area for you

Our sustainable vending areas are a vehicle for social progress to adopt healthy and sustainable lifestyles. A source of information for consumers on the impact on their health and the environment of the products they are about to buy. The results of their choices are reported made available in special spaces in each sustainable break area. Details of the products and solutions that will be used are included in our program, essential to achieve concrete and positive results.

Office Coffee Service

Service aimed mainly at offices and small companies or freelancers. These are the most well-known coffee or capsule machines. The objectives and activities in progress are those already foreseen in the format for automatic distribution, only the spaces and the number of users vary. 

Sustainable coffee break in office

The detail of the operational service proposal, in this case, is already included in the IV Sistema Evolution solution. They live in the same spaces of space, coffee, herbal teas, micro-filtered water and a post-consumer waste collection point.

With our service, we offer the opportunity for all businesses to provide their employees with a high-quality lunch break at affordable costs.

This is a great benefit to reducing your environmental and social impact

By following these simple steps, we can help make food delivery more sustainable and responsible, without sacrificing the pleasure of enjoying our favorite dishes as we would in a restaurant.

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