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PIÚINFORMA® stands for sustainability applied to the vending industry. Our goal is to transform, in a sustainable way, the refreshment points present within public and private companies. In particular, the activity focuses on the distribution of products and services with low environmental impact in break areas within companies.  

Sustainability vending machines commercial format PIÚINFORMA®

Vending Machines PIÚINFORMA® was born in response to the results of the research carried out by the homonymous association of 145 projects concerning nutrition and health in the workplace, study and well-being. 95% of these projects were ineffective and many of them are no longer present today. As a result, our proposals are aimed at redesigning a new automatic distribution system in order to increase the quality of the food offered and reduce the environmental impact.

The most important products and® services

Our products and services are all aimed at improving the well-being of people and the environment. We carefully select our suppliers and include in the distributors only products made with traced and quality raw materials because for us the health of consumers is important. In addition, we think that the refreshment areas must be convivial places, where you can relax and exchange some chats with colleagues. The break for us must be a moment of leisure but always with a view to sustainability.

In particular the advantages for companies, people and operators. Vending Machines PIÚINFORMA® proposes:

  • The best organic and healthy products, recognizable by the 10+SANO and 10+EQUO brands and packaged with biodegradable packaging
  • Hot drinks pod  dispensers with strictly organic coffee beans
  • Cold drinks dispensers on tap. The consumer thus makes his favorite drink
  • A microfiltered water supply system, replacing PET bottles
  • Special spaces to separate post-consumer waste
  • 100% recyclable cardboard furniture in the paper circuit

The proposals are all customizable by companies, according to specific needs. Our staff will be available in all phases of activation: from the initial consultancy, to the design up to the implementation of the service.

Sustainability vending machines service the brings numerous benefits.

First of all, the companies that choose PIÚINFORMA® benefit in terms of CO2 reduction, which can be introduced into company identities, sustainability reports and corporate social responsibility (Welfare).

Secondly, thanks to us people finally have the opportunity to buy and consume healthy products even outside the home. The consumer is therefore able to make more conscious and sustainable food choices about the environment.

Finally, operators are trained with training courses on sustainability, in addition to constant technical, commercial and operational support.

For us the future of our planet and of the next generations is important, for this reason we want to take concrete action today to achieve greater well-being tomorrow.

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Observatory of Association PIÚINFORMA

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