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Environmental low impact equipment

In an effort to promote environmentally friendly products and equipment  to create a new vision of commerce, the founders  of the 10+GREEN brand  developed their venture with the intention of promoting key ideals such as equity and durability. Through their efforts, the brand aims to instill a higher level of respect for both people and the environment, working hand in hand with education and awareness initiatives to promote sustainable development. This alternative methodology represents a move away from conventional business practices still based on the linear throwaway economy. Behaviors and choices to promote environmental awareness and economic equity of products and equipment with low environmental impact.

Eco-friendly and environmental low impact equipment

The use of machinery and equipment that has a minimal ecological footprint has become a significant trend in promoting energy savings. This practice involves the use of durable materials, produced from natural and renewable resources instead of disposable ones not containing chemicals or synthetic substances. These assets are recognized for their non-toxic properties, which makes them more environmentally friendly than their counterparts. We want to help producers at every stage of the process, helping consumers to select good and durable products.

Environmental low impact equipment is durable over time

The concept of using natural resources deliberately and responsibly is of the utmost importance. It is imperative to value the environment and its resources to ensure their longevity for future generations. Embracing sustainable practices in our daily lives can effectively contribute to preserving the planet and all its natural resources.

10+GREEN gives strength to the circular economy and reuse

Thanks to the 10green brand you can buy goods and structures mainly from their impact on the environment, as well as choose products without ecological compromises. This new approach to conscious consumption makes it possible to reduce emissions and improve air quality and reduce energy consumption.

We support the activities of the Association for Social Promotion PIU’INFORMA!

What are you waiting for?


It is a clear signal that helps the consumer in choosing fair and sustainable products.


The evaluation is carried out by a group of expert technicians in ingredients and functional food.


10+GREEN is governed by an ethical code which defines its social and humanitarian purposes and values.


A strict set of rules and regulations to control and compare technical specifications of products.