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EcoCarton furnitures: the future of Vending is sustainable

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It is with great pleasure that we inform you that the new facilities for sustainable dining areas have finally arrived!  Real works of art and design in 100% recyclable cardboard, with guaranteed durability and certified environmental impact!

A contemporary and future-proof idea, the result of the work of EcoCarton, a business unit of the Easy Communication company  (Cittadella, PD) and the commercial agreement with the company Bontorin &co.

EcoCarton furnitures: the future of Vending

The goal of EcoCarton is to make eco-friendly the sites where the refreshment services are active, using 100% recyclable furnishings and realizations  with reduced environmental impact (CO2eq emissions) certified!
EcoCarton, thanks to its great knowledge of materials and production processes, is able to offer an effective and efficient service, with solutions that adapt to customer needs.  

For Vending, in fact, there are currently 3 lines of structures that are combined with all vending machines, as well as solutions for the separation of waste and for their differentiation. All characterized by an attractive and elegant design.

EcoCarton furnitures: the future of Vending

EcoCarton furnishings are an excellent example of a sustainable “Made in Italy” product. The cardboard is composed of cellulose, corn starch, peas and / or potato starch emphasizing their ecological nature. But that’s not all! Because there are many advantages  offered by EcoCarton furnishings:

  1. Easy assembly and disassembly, thanks to the presence of only interlocking systems
  2. Safety and health, thanks to the total absence of glues, paints, chemical solvents, formaldehyde emissions
  3. Well-being for the environment, thanks to the ability to be 100% recyclable and sustainable, and that do not require any separation of materials if they have to be disposed of
  4. Transfer of a positive image for the refreshment areas, thanks to elegance, design, robustness, reliability and certification of the level of environmental impact

A real vision of the future to share with all Vending operators!

Achievements that promote a healthy, serene, conscious and responsible aggregation, a sustainable lifestyle change in all respects!

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