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Phd research on food science technology and biotechnology

food science technology

In Conegliano, from 25 to 27 September 2013, was hosted the International Conference “On the developments in the Italian PHD research on food science technology and biotechnology”.

This convention featured about 200 researchers and experts from the most important universities in the world participated to discuss product, process, systems and innovations in the food technologies sector.

Our support  for food science technology

PIÚINFORMA was sponsor of the event organizing and managing coffee breaks with its health products. Participants appreciated the quality of the products offered and the values that PIÚINFORMA conveys through its activities. poi


We support the good use of science. We’re also firmly convinced that the modern world cannot survive without the help of science applied in food technologies. But those techonologies have to be directed into the wealth and care of citizens. Biotechnologies and technologies can do great good for the world, but in order to do that they need to be aimed in the right direction. That’s why we want to support these type of conventions, as we want to help researchers so they don’t have to just follow restrictive monetary policies. The food science technology.


Scientific topicsThe scientific research of the PhD course is focused on the agricultural and food fields. In the agricultural field, scientific issues include the various sectors of plant and animal production, with particular attention to cultivation, breeding and anti-adversity techniques, with the utmost respect for the environment, the consumer, the needs of the agro-food industry and the quality of the product. poi

Molecular genetics, a powerful innovative means for the selection of varieties capable of responding to these needs, completes skills. In the food field, research is focused on process and product innovation, through the integrated use of food technologies, microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, molecular biology, advanced product and process optimization and monitoring techniques, evaluation of the quality of raw materials and their attitude to transformation, innovative technologies in food packaging. poi

Educational objectives 

The PhD course aims to provide PhD students with advanced training in the fields of production, processing, quality control and safety of raw materials and food. The teaching activity facilitates the transfer of knowledge; in particular, the course includes teaching and research training activities, with a three-year training course for a total commitment that can be estimated at 180 Credits.The food science technology. 

The course includes research activities in advanced topics in the sector, seminar activities, participation in monographic courses and scientific conferences, advanced teaching courses, as well as internships in laboratories other than the one in which the main research activity is carried out, in Italy and abroad. poi

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