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The circular economy applied to the Vending sector

economia circolare applicata al Vending Circular economy in Vending

In the last two years, the promotion of circular economy policies in Vending involves more and more companies. There are those who go further by defining themselves as sustainable and responsible. There are those who go further by defining themselves as sustainable and socially responsible.

The old concepts linked that defined the circular economy as a product that was born and returned to be such after use have been overcome by the environmental footprint; with the introduction of this new interpretation key on the entire product chain, it has highlighted the CO2 ineffectiveness of the “rebirth of products”.

Vending e distribuzione automatica sostenibile

The circular economy is a model that primarily favors the reuse and reduction of packaging by using capital goods and materials for as long as possible. In the vending industry this approach to resource management can be applied to everything from food processing, transportation and packaging. The “containers” of which we can deprive ourselves: glasses, plastic bottles, cans and tetra-paks. In addition, all the added ingredients (e.g. sugar) but not necessary for the formulation of the product can be drastically reduced in the products.

These strategies can be applied in different areas and sectors, such as agriculture, industry, trade, consumption and waste management. The goal is to create a virtuous cycle that maintains the value of products and materials for as long as possible, minimizing waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions.

The 9R  model is based on the concept of the R hierarchy, according to which the strategies higher on the list are preferable to those further down, as they have a greater potential for reducing environmental impact. Refuse wants to be a message of rejection to companies that pursue green washing and that every consumer can express by not buying products or services.

Too often in vending, the circular economy is combined with recycling, forgetting the fundamentals that define it.

This is a major challenge for the vending sector, which offers food products and services through vending machines using single-dose products. It is clear that the problem is great as it involves the entire supply chain that has and produces huge quantities of packaging and consequently waste.

In fact, doing so goes against all the indications on good practices aimed at reducing waste and the packaging chain. But the solutions proving that making circular economy in vending is possible are possible. This is an opportunity for the sector to renew its business model, increasing the competitiveness and trust of its customers. We believe it is a duty towards the planet and future generations, to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the protection of natural resources.

In the PIÚINFORMA® formats to  date it is possible not to use plastic cups and bottles. In our program we plan to eliminate cans and tetrapak in the short term. To facilitate this change of habits, we provide consumers with projects to reduce RISORSE & RIFIUTI brand and FREE-WATER & PURE-WATER cold drink containers.

PIÚINFORMA® only sustainable organizations and company- Circular economy in Vending | PIÚINFORMA®

We intervene on the design of break areas and products offered by distributors, choosing recyclable, biodegradable or compostable materials, such as the use of cardboard or bioplastics. In addition, depending on the availability on the territory, we increasingly use “healthy” and 0 km products. Which respond to the growing consumer demand for healthy and local food.

Waste management: The term reuse defines a good that is not yet waste and that can be used again. We speak of recovery referring to everything that has already become waste and that has lost its original usefulness and that, appropriately collected. Will be addressed to the various consortia of the CONAI system. Depending on the subsequent intended use, it can be credited within a circular economy or excluded.

Sustainable catering and vending. the circular economy

To carry out these actions, it is essential to have a strategic vision and specific technical expertise to help vending companies to promote and activate the most suitable solutions for the context, evaluating the costs and environmental and image benefits. In addition, professional business consulting can support vending companies to effectively communicate their commitment to the environment, enhancing their image and reputation.

Less processed products possibly from organic farming, have as a greater benefit the processing waste is valued throughout the supply chain. The circular economy brings benefits to the environment, development of territories and to all citizens.

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