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Vending machines organic meals

Vending machines organic meals

PIÚINFORMA®, deals with the supply and installation of vending machines for organic meals to give life to break areas aimed at guaranteeing the maximum well-being of those who attend them.

Inside you can find not only classic drinks and conventional snacks, but a rich and varied assortment of accessories and products that are recognizable by the quality brands 10+SANO® and 10+EQUO®. Each of them is appreciated for the use of high quality raw materials, carefully selected and coming from a production chain that is certified and controlled in all its passages.

The variety of solutions that are provided by our company is conceived and chosen to meet the most diverse needs of consumers. And meet all kinds of requests. Always dedicating the utmost attention to the environmental impact taking care of the theme of sustainability following the indications dictated by the guidelines dictated by the Life Cycle Assessment (also known by the acronym LCA).

That’s why the vending machines of organic meals PIÚINFORMA®, are characterized by the presence of one or more health drawers (area of the snack machine dedicated exclusively to healthy products). That is easily recognizable by virtue of colored stickers and stickers applied under the products divided by category identifiable also by an explanatory legend.

Quality first of all

All the products present within this area are identified by the quality marks 10+SANO® and 10+EQUO® and selected by the SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE C.A.P.T.A within the PIÚINFORMA Association, based on the related specifications where the primary importance is given to the raw materials that make up these products and their origin (control chain).

A great many of these come from organic crops: in other words, there is no risk of coming into contact with raw materials that have had to do with pesticides or genetically modified organisms. Not only that: the principles of organic farming impose cultivation systems that prevent the exploitation of animals and land.

In addition, the health area is always on the move, thus increasing the choice options for the consumer. In short, there are really many reasons why it is worth testing our vending machines for organic meals. Designed to meet the needs of consumers who are increasingly attentive to what they buy. Even outside the home it is good to consume safe and certified foods. By virtue of an ethical choice that ensures important benefits to human health and the environment.

All our structures are modular and customized, made of triple wave cardboard, virgin, cellulose compound, corn starch and peas or potato starch. All composed of natural products without the use of adhesives, chemicals or harmful substances (SVHC list). Always with attention to the environmental impact and end of life of our Zero Formaldehyde products. 100% recyclable.

Definitely green and furnishing. Once you have chosen the format that best suits your needs. It will be our staff who will take care of everything, ensuring you continuous assistance and advice.



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The identity card of healthy products with low social and environmental impact for the benefit of consumers.

The identity card of healthy products with low social and environmental impact for the benefit of consumers.

It is a company specialized for over 35 years in healthy and sustainable food consumption outside the home.

PIU’INFORMA Association for Social Promotion active in the agri-food supply chain for the benefit of consumers.

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PIÚINFORMA® helps you make a difference!

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