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Ecozema: we’re here… 2017 MAB youth Unesco forum

Ecozema 2017 MAB youth UNESCO forum
What motivated us to participate in this event?

Ecozema® is proud to be among the companies that promote this UNESCO event, because for more than 150 years it has been carrying out its activity in Veneto, and with the people who have alternated it has contributed to the enhancement of the territory. A territory that has contributed to the development of the company with its millennial culture and its people, animated by passion for work and future visions, elsewhere difficult to find. ECOZEMA we are there 2017 MAB Youth Forum UNESCO

Who are we, where are we and what do we do?

Ecozema® is a brand of “Fabbrica Pinze Schio srl”, founded in 2005, in Santorso, in the province of Vicenza, to respond to situations that require a separate collection of the organic fraction to be conferred in composting.

Our company, active for more than 100 years and leader in the production of laundry products (clothespins, dryers, hangers), in 2000 began a research and development process to develop the production of biopolymer products using its own technology: injection molding. ECOZEMA we are there 2017 MAB Youth Forum UNESCO

The collaboration with companies producing raw materials (Mater-bi®, Ingeo™ P.L.A., and others), allows us in a few years to develop internal processes for the production of molds and production cycles suitable for the purpose.

In 2005, we are the first company in the world to obtain composting certification according to en13432 for cutlery made with The Mater-Bi® of Novamont. ECOZEMA we are there 2017 MAB Youth Forum UNESCO

Next, the cutlery of our production is flanked by complete lines of cellulose pulp dishes, P.L.A. glasses for cold drinks and cardboard glasses

laminated in Mater-bi® for hot drinks.

Why use Ecozema products?

One of the most heartfelt problems is the separation of waste and its disposal. We make biodegradable and compostable cutlery, plates and glasses and replace

polystyrene (“plastic”) dishes that, during disposal, must necessarily be separated from the remains of food for heat treatment

(incinerator, waste-to-energy).

Instead, our dishes can be disposed of with the wet fraction and initiated into composting, completely eliminating the waste separation process.

They are therefore perfect for canteens and events of various types, from the private party to the international event.


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