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Food environment and social: why and how to integrate them into corporate companies

Food environment and social. contatti

The environment, food and social issues are two pillars of corporate sustainability, together with the circular economy and governance. Integrating them means having a strategic vision that considers the impacts and opportunities that economic activities have on the planet and on people.

In all this the great excluded is food (understood as food and drink), a daily present both in the workplace, study, and sports activities.

Food environment and social; nutrition Find out how and why to integrate them in the company

A study by the A.P. S PIU’INFORMA  Observatory shows that the food system, which fully includes food services, accounts for up to 37% of global greenhouse gas emissionsData that cannot and must not go unnoticed and, thanks to the use of PIÚINFORMA®, it is possible to integrate them into sustainability and corporate welfare reports as a benefit for the benefit of its employees.

Area break sostenibile a basso impatto ambientale e sociale. Alimentazione, ambiente e sociale: perché e come integrarli nella corporate aziendale

Taking care of food environment and social aleave a mark that leaves its mark:

But let’s now move on to the benefits deriving from it for people, environment and social:

  • Improves its reputation and trust towards its customers and stakeholders
  • The legal risks to an incorrect diet and abuse of fats and sugars are reduced
  • The volumes and quantities of packaging are reduced when it is not possible to use the solutions on tap or loose.
  • Increases the efficiency and competitiveness of workers
  • It creates added value for the company and for society
  • It feeds a new vision and corporate sustainability policy consistent with its mission, values, and objectives of the company
  • Through a food sustainability management system in the company, environmental performance is monitored and improved for the benefit of society
  • It allows to perform a corporate sustainability diligence that identifies, prevents, mitigates the impacts on people and the environment deriving from a lack of attention to food and beverages.
  • Reporting regularly and verifying the performance of food and beverage services using internationally recognized standards

Taking care of food and its social and environmental impact is increasingly a fundamental element of companies’ sustainability programs!

Integrating the environment and the social into corporate and corporate governance is an ethical duty, a response to growing regulatory or social pressure and an opportunity to create shared value between business and society.

PIÚINFORMA® is a business model increasingly accredited in institutions and companies as a best practice of integration into corporate and corporate governance. Nutrition, environment, and social Many companies, both public and private, demonstrate that it is possible to integrate food and beverage services into their corporate and corporate governance, obtaining economic, social and environmental benefits.

A value chain that makes everyone protagonists of the necessary transformation of the food system.

Sempre più Istituti scolastici scelgono PIÚINFORMA

These are just a few examples of how companies can integrate PIUINFORMA into social welfare and their corporate and corporate governance. Integration is not just an ethical choice or a response to growing regulatory or social pressure, but a necessity. A duty and an opportunity to create shared value between business and society, to anticipate future market trends and to contribute to collective well-being.

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The identity card of healthy products with low social and environmental impact for the benefit of consumers.

The identity card of healthy products with low social and environmental impact for the benefit of consumers.

It is a company specialized for over 35 years in healthy and sustainable food consumption outside the home.

PIU’INFORMA Association for Social Promotion active in the agri-food supply chain for the benefit of consumers.

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